Harpa is now  ready to share her sound and story with the world and she has us all with bated breath. With a very distinct, dramatic sound and powerful lyrics and storytelling Harpa brings a unique element to the world of not only heart break ballads, but her edgy rock and orchestral sound really stands her out from the crowd.

2023 saw Harpa form a band around her which enabled her to play her true full sound in a live environment. This led to playing live at several festivals in and around her hometown and 2024 will see her playing more festivals and gigs around the country.

There has been alot of press coverage as her career gathers pace

with some fabulous reviews  and Harpa has enjoyed a fair bit of airtime on various Radio stations around the Uk and on BBC Introducing too, plus several appearances on her local TV station Notts Tv.

There are big things in the pipeline for Harpa in 2024 as she establishes herself on the UK music scene. Keep an eye out on this site for the latest updates and gigs and please follow her on her socials to keep updated with the latest news , competitions and giveaways.